Technical Data

For your assistance we have provided the information below regarding the specifications of the metals and alloys we use in our manufacturing processes. Please contact us for individual requirements as these will vary dependant on your product and chosen material.

Metal specifications

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PDF download Icon Stainless Alloy steels, Nickel and Cobalt alloys – Ferrous metals

PDF download Icon Carbon and Low Alloy Steels – Ferrous metals

PDF download Icon Aluminium, Copper and Zinc – Non-ferrous metals

Size and Weight

We are able to supply investment casting parts in the UK from as small as 6mm, up to 400mm and to a weight of 5kg. Our partner foundry in China is able to produce parts up to one cubic metre, and up to 120kg for ferrous and 40kg for non-ferrous metals.


Lestercast General Casting Tolerance (in accordance with VDG P690)

Click here to view the current Investment Casting Tolerance Table – VDG P690

Nominal Value Range (mm)

0  –  6 ±0.15
6  –  10 ±0.18
10  –  18 ±0.22
18  –  30 ±0.26
30  –  50 ±0.40
50  –  80 ±0.45
80 – 120 ±0.55
120 – 180 ±0.80
180 – 250 ±1.20
250 – 315 ±1.30

Special or selected dimensions can be reviewed independently, but the feasibility of such requests will need to be discussed with Lestercast at time of quotation.

Prototype tolerance

Castings will be supplied within general casting tolerance of:

± 0.25 mm per 25 mm and an angular tolerance of ± 30’

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