Rapid Prototyping

One of the company’s major areas of development is in Rapid Prototyping also known as Additive Manufacturing (AM). Our highly skilled team has considerable expertise in this relatively new prototyping technology and as a pioneering UK Rapid Prototyping specialist, we are able to provide customers with an efficient method of acquiring high quality cast parts quickly.

Take a look at our Lestercast Rapid Prototyping film here

In the context of casting production, the design and development stages for a new part can be very costly in terms of time and money but the use of rapid processing technologies (rapid prototyping using metal) simplifies the process and reduces lead times considerably.

The principal benefit is the speed at which the solid model is generated and its ability to produce complex 3D shapes accurately from CAD drawings. Wax models can be produced in hours and turned into investment castings within one to two weeks, compared with the overall lead time of four to six weeks using conventional production methods.

In many cases, the use of rapid processing technologies as part of the investment casting process provides the capability to achieve complex metal shapes that are impossible to make through other methods.

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A product made using the Rapid Prototyping process

“The rapid prototypes Lestercast have manufactured have allowed engine testing to proceed months ahead of schedule.”




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