Other Processes

Lestercast can also offer specialised investment casting processes to meet the specific properties for a component.

Thin Wall Casting

Lestercast has developed a special investment casting process for producing thin wall castings (to 1.5mm). A wide range of alloys can be used to produce components by this process for applications where very light, high strength parts are required. The process is particularly beneficial for high temperature steels such as Inconel and Hastelloy, where weight is a critical factor.

Vacuum Melting Process

The Vacuum Melting Process is suited to high temperature alloys. Most high temperature alloys contain elements that are susceptible to oxidation, like aluminium.

The process can:

  • Prevent the oxidation of active elements like aluminum
  • Lower the content of hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen
  • Evaporate impurities with low melting points such as phosphorus, sulphur, zinc and lead
  • Purify the alloy
  • Increase the component’s mechanical properties
  • Help to meet high quality requirements

For further technical information about the vacuum melting process, see the downloadable file below.

Relevant download

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