Investment Casting Manufacturer

At Lestercast, we develop and manufacture complex metal components for multiple sectors and industries alike. As a world-renowned investment casting manufacturer and supplier we have a great reputation for excellence in quality and bespoke production.

Investment casting moulds within the funace
Moulds inside furnace

Having been in the sector for nearly 50 years and supplying our investment castings world-wide; we are a leading business in the industry with a hugely skilled workforce.

Investment castings are poured using the Investment casting method. Similarly, we also term this ‘the lost wax method’ or ‘precision investment casting’. Ultimately, we manufacture castings to the exact specification of our customer. The process is a very cost-effective method of design and production.

As an investment casting component manufacturer we pride ourselves in a high-tech processes. Our systems are both environmentally friendly and hugely design-specific. In conclusion, our skilled, reliable and dedicated team will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Investment casting is a very versatile method of manufacturing that allows your team considerable freedom in the design and development process incorporated with a flexible choice in materials. As we consult with you about your specifications we can be extremely precise to ensure your expectations are fully met.

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