Yes, We’re Blogging About Blogging!

Posted 26th August 2014 By Lestercast Limited

Well, we’re now well and truly on the social media highway – we started our new blog last week.

With the first story on the blog being about our being chosen as a finalist in the Family Business Awards under two categories, what a great way to initiate the blog from Lestercast with some great news.

So, why blog? Blogging, as anyone in marketing can tell you – or maybe now, stands for :-

Better Listings on Google – and that’s what we are all trying to do, get our rankings up on the super-power Google, increase our business and profile and ultimately our customer orders! So – here we are!

Our Blog is now live, i’m writing it fairly informally to share news about what Lestercast are up to, where we’re going with bits and pieces, what fun is being had here and our business as it grows and grows in front of your very eyes! Just so you get a view on who we are and what we’re doing!

Off we go! – please share and share –

Lestercast – Innovation. Quality. Excellence


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