When it comes to progress updates, we’re flying!

Posted 17th March 2016 By Lestercast Limited

When you receive feedback from a customer saying…..

“Amazing! I’ve never had so much updated data from a supplier for work-in-progress parts. Good customer service!

You know you’re doing something right!

/Team Members/MartynWe’ve recently implemented a higher level development plan which includes photographic updates, where relevant, along every step of the way for customer products in progress.

As something we felt extremely valuable to our customers, and in response, has been greatly received; this small feedback allows the customer to understand how things are going, keeps a log on site here of project status’ and keeps all involved informed every step of the way.

Martyn Whelpton, Lestercast’s Technical Manager (left) said:

“Just goes to show a little information can mean a lot when providing status on any particular project”


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