Meeting of Minds (And a Spot of Golf)

Posted 7th July 2016 By Lestercast Limited

Annual-Sales-Day-2016---Black-and-White-editAnnual-Sales-Day-2016---Venue-EditThis week saw the Lestercast Sales team getting together for their ‘meeting of minds’, otherwise known as our Annual Sales Day followed by a round of golf.

Taking place at a glorious venue in Derbyshire, the team were quick to open up the discussions on company growth, challenges, impact of development, customer service satisfaction and general business analysis across the organisation for the past six months.

The second half of the day involved an ‘obligatory’ golfing tournament between eight of the Lestercast team, followed by a dinner and low-key awards ceremony.

Not wishing to do things by half, the teams all were presented with golf trophies for their efforts on the course.

Annual-Sales-Day-2016---Chris-and-Marc-edit Annual-Sales-Day-2016---Mike-and-Bryan-Edit Annual-Sales-Day-2016---Gaz-and-Malc-Edit Annual-Sales-Day-2016---Martin-and-Colin-Edit
1st Prize – Chris Batty and Marc Healey, 2nd Prize – Mike Jones and Bryan Dransfield, 3rd Prize – Gareth Roberts and Malcolm Healey and the last place went to Martin Thomas and Colin Caine


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