Invest in your Investment Castings

Posted 21st February 2021 By Lestercast Limited In

The Investment Casting process, also known as ‘Lost Wax Casting’ is a developmental manufacturing process that converts molten metal in a single operation to precision engineered components with minimum wastage of material, energy and subsequent machining.

Investing in the right process for your finished component is imperative to ensure your product is of the highest quality and functioning at its ultimate best.

Investment Casting – the process is extremely versatile, cost effective and is excellent for complex components where fine detail and dimensional accuracy are required.

It also reduces or totally eliminates the need for costly machining operations and, as several parts can be made as one casting, the time and cost involved for subsequent assembly is removed.

To find out more about our processes – please follow the links below:

PDF Icon linking to the Investment Casting Document

The Lost Wax Casting Process – Investment Casting