Industry Sectors

Lestercast has an extensive and diverse customer portfolio based not only in the UK but worldwide and works into all industry sectors.

Our precision-made products are manufactured for a number of high profile and prestigious clients in addition to individual and bespoke components for a variety of additional customers and a multitude of industry sectors.

Investment casting, as a process, enables bespoke production in the methodology which factors in tight tolerances, precision weights and integrity of the final product.

For examples of our work and cross-sector expertise, contact us – we’d be delighted to assist you.

Both industrial and commercial applications are in our field of expertise to clients from a wide range of sectors or markets including, but not limited to, the following:

Aerospace Sector

Military and commercial aviation demands the expertise of investment casting applications and high-strength alloys in many guises from electronic assembly housing to fuel pump components, our teams can assist your business in the production of your intricate designs.

Artistic and creative models

Many times, the expertise in investment casting is not for a specific sector, more for a creative or artistic production; we lead the way at Lestercast in working across all sectors.

Architectural industry

Modern architects of course insist on the highest level of precision and quality finishes which allows for Lestercast’s investment casting process to thrive in its intricacies and post-casting surface finishing.

Automotive and motorsport industry

Our automotive castings are the choice of many vehicle manufacturers – products of which include: engine components, exhaust systems, clutch components, drive shaft components and impeller wheels as just an example.


Although a very discrete sector, products manufactured for the defence industry for the defence market can be utilised for all arms of the military services.


Electronics including housings and components for electronic equipment can be very intricate and specific which benefits the investment casting process and allows our team of experts to assist in the design prior to production and completion.

General engineering

Lestercast’s excellent reputation has been achieved through the entire process map from design assistance to manufacturing and finishing of bespoke industry-diverse products. The depth of experience in general engineering; a term used when the component produced doesn’t necessarily fit into a generic industry; allows the team at Lestercast to consistently advise on all aspects of the investment casting process.

Marine industry

The investment casting process is an excellent method for the production of high-corrosion resistant products due to the sub-sea nature of their final use. Lestercast is extremely well-versed in following design-specifications and process finishes to work into this sector.

Nuclear sector

Qualified as F4N (Fit for Nuclear), Lestercast are able to work directly into the nuclear industry to fit in with the stringent guidelines this sector demands.

Oil and gas industry

A very prominent sector for Lestercast with the requirement for pumps, valves, sub-sea equipment to name but a few. Corrosion testing and surface finishes are highly specific needs in addition.

Rail industry

Railway castings are varied in final finished product and usage whether inside a train carriage or as part of signalling, hinges or brackets for example where the method of investment casting is ideal.

Safety & fire systems

Safety critical castings, as you can expect, are hugely quality-demanding and technically specific which is why Lestercast’s expertise is ideal to deliver your project to exact speciation.

Valves & pumps

The manufacturing of bespoke pumps and valves via the investment casting process plays an indispensable role as it lends itself to the production of very complex shapes of pump and valve components. 

We have considerable experience in producing components for an extensive range of sectors but welcome the opportunity to assist clients in the development of products for new markets.

A number of testimonials from our clients can be viewed here.

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