China Connection

As part of Lestercast’s commitment to offer customers the most competitive prices, we have a long-standing and successful working ‘partnership’ with an investment casting foundry in China that manufactures quality castings at very competitive rates.

Our partner foundry not only offers investment casting as a service but a range of other processes to suit individual and specialist requirements including :

General Manager, Colin Caine and Technical & Operations Manager, Martyn Whelpton with the team in China (left)

  • Vacuum melting
  • Water Glass – please click on the link to download our Water Glass document
  • MIM – Metal Injection Moulding
  • High pressure dye casting
  • Machining

Using our modern and effective communication technology, Lestercast is able to process and monitor customer orders efficiently with its Chinese partner and ensure deliveries meet scheduled targets.

Rigorous quality controls are applied in the UK to all imported castings to ensure they meet the same high standards as Lestercast’s own manufactured products. In addition, we are able to hold stock on site in the UK, if required, and offer scheduled deliveries in line with customer specifications.

Lestercast has successfully supplied numerous parts to its customers through this arrangement, combining the benefits of low pricing from the Far East with the advantage of stringent quality controls from an experienced investment caster, without the complexities of dealing direct.

Interested in our China facilities? Perhaps you have a general question, contact us today.

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